[ミャンマー]ビザ申請とヤンゴン一日目。[Myanmar] Visa and Yangon Day 1.


I decided to go to Myanmar while staying in Thailand. What comes to your mind when think of Myanmar? I think of Aung San Suu Kyi, an old Japanese movie “Burmese harp”. I also think of the recent news about Rohingya people. Just made me wonder what it’s like there in Myanmar after its transition to democracy..

当初、タイからはバスで行こうと思っていましたが、現地の友人や旅人達に、バスは時間もかかるし国境超えも面倒だよと言われ、タイ人の友人にThai Lion Airという格安航空会社を教えてもらいました。Lion Airじゃなくて、”Thai” Lion Airだから間違えないでね~と。早速検索してみると、ヤンゴンまで往復2380バーツ(約8200円)!安い~。ビザも空路入国だとアライバルビザが取れるということで、空路で行くことに決めました。

First I thought about taking a bus to the border but Thai friend and also other travelers said it’s long trip with several transportation changes and it’s just too much of work. She suggested to take Thai Lion Air, LCC career in Thailand. She made sure that it’s not Lion Air but it’s “Thai” Lion Air. So searched it and found that the round ticket consts only 2380 Baht (8200JPY)! Sounds great! And you can get an arrival visa at the airport. So why not?

Thai Lion Airのウェブサイトで予約、いざクレジットカードで支払おうとすると、何度やってもエラーになりうまくいきません。こんなことは想定済み、と他のカードを試しましたが同じ。え?カード使えなかったら今後どうするの。。とさすがに焦っていると、支払い方法にコンビニ(セブンイレブン)の選択肢見っけ!無事次に進むことができました。ふう。ビザはオンライン<https://evisa.moip.gov.mm/>で申請、事前にクラウドに保管している顔写真をアップしなんなく完了。すぐにメールで確認番号が届きました。

I went to Thai Lion Air website, booked the ticket, and as I was about to pay with my credit card, for some reason it didn’t let me go through. Enter my card number and everything. No? Why. All right, don’t panic, I have other card for the situation like this. What!? Wait. This card doesn’t work either? Why? No. What if none of my cards work for the rest of my trip? My big one year world trip. Then I found the option that says “pay at convenience store (seven eleven)”! Yes! Yes yes seven elevens are everywhere! Yay, got the ticket. Phew.. Then I went to e-visa application page <https://evisa.moip.gov.mm/>, filled out everything and  uploaded passport photo that I saved on my cloud. Mission complete! I safely received the confirmation number via email.


I asked hostel staff to print out the confirmation paper and as well as the flight tickets. Done! All I need to do is now is to go to the airport.


By the way, have you ever felt that it’s such long time to wait for actual boarding after checking in? You want to make sure you’re at the airport hours before but then you don’t want to spend time at a expensive airport cafe or at a bench at the gate. It’s just boring. Especially if you’re budget traveler like me. That’s when the PRIORITY PASS comes in!プライオリティパスとは、世界各地の空港ラウンジが無料で使えるというものです。私はこの世界旅の為に作りました!普通に申し込むと年会費300ドル(3万円)以上ですが、楽天プレミアムカードを持っていると、無料でパスが申し込めるのです。プレミアムカード自体の年会費が10800円かかりますが、頻繁に空港を利用する人にはすぐ元が取れると思います。

PRIORITY PASS is a pass that let you use airport lounge all around the world. I made it for this world travel! If you get it through the PRIORITY PASS, then the annual membershio fee is more than 300USD (more than 30,000JPY) but if you are Rakuten Premium card holder, then you can get a PASS for free. The Rakuren Premium card membership fee is 10,800 yen but if you are frequent flyer, it’s definitely worth it.


You can have snacks, beverages including alcohol, fast wifi, all free of charge. Some airports even have showers where you can refresh yourself after long day or before your long flight.

なんと、マッサージも無料! Massage is complimentary !


Here at Don Mueang Airpot in Thailand, there is even a masseuse and you can get a massage! All complimentary! I of course requested one for myself but there are already four people in queue and sadly my time was up and I had to go to the boarding gate before my turn comes. I will get it next time!


そして約1時間半でミャンマーのヤンゴン空港に到着。After one and half hour, I arrived at Yangon International Airport.


As I researched before, I found a taxi counter right outside of the arrival gate. But the fare was 10,000MMK (820JPY) to the city center. It’s a fixed-price but it’s increasing every year. The traffic was heavy like Bangkok. It was about 16km and it took 50 minutes to get to the hostel. Not bad at all.


After checking in the hostel, I went out to check out the neighbor. I bought a pair of sunglasses on the street that I forgot to bring from Japan. it was only 2000MMK (160JPY)! Super cheap! I know but I said to the old man “Discount?”. You know just see his reaction and maybe I can learn something about Myanmar. He said “No” with a gentle smile. He had such a nice smile. That made me feel relieved. I said “Thank you!! and left. Wonder how you say thank you in Burmese?

赤いサングラス2000チャット(約160円)。Red sunglasses for 2000MMK (160JPY, 1,5USD)

さらに歩くと、スーレーパゴダというお寺が見えてきました。I see a temple! It’s Sule Pagoda.

スーレーパゴタが見えます。ヤンゴンでは男女ともにロンギーと言われる巻きスカートを履いています。Sule Pagoda(Temple) on the right. Men and women wear wrapped around skirt called Longyi.

スーレーパゴダ。Sule Pagoda.


Inside Pagoda (temple), I was asked to take off my shoes and socks. I paid the entrance fee, then a man started to explain when the temple was built, how much Burmese people love the temple. Uh ha. I see. Wow that’s interesting. Wait a minute. I remember this. I know this. I asked him how much is the guide. He said 2000MMK. I knew it.


Actually, I thought it’s not bad idea. You can learn history and a lot from the local. Especially he is a professional guide. Humm, ok. I told him my wish price. Done deal! We started to walk. Now that I look at him closer. He’s kind of cute. When this cute guide asked my birthday, I couldn’t help but hesitated a second.  Of course I told him. He explained that from your  birth date, you know your day of the week. From your day of the week, you know your animal. Only Wednesday is divided by two, day and night. I didn’t know what time I was born but he said don’t worry in that case you are born in the morning. As a result, my animal is elephant.

ミャンマーカレンダー。Myanmar calendar.

私の生まれ年の動物は象だそうです。My birth animal is elephant.



I prayed at the elephant making a wish for safety for my journey. There are other animals and you go to your animal place in the temple.

That’s all for today.