[Myanmar] Myanmar Last day. [ミャンマー]ミャンマー最終日。



I hung out with the Burmese students I met yesterday again. Glanz and Ken. As I was walking toward the Sakura Tower where we’re supposed to meet up, I passed by the police station, that says “MAY I HELP YOU?” on the front. Oh, that’s nice of them. I thought.

入口には親切に”MAY I HELP YOU?”の文字が。

っておっちゃん、パトカーの中で爆睡してるし!(笑)Then I found a police officer sleeping in a patrol car!

なんか和む~。ヤンゴン。 I love Yangon.


First, we went to St. Mary’s cathedral, the biggest cathedral in Myanma. It’s been said that 90% of Burmese are Buddhist, but the second largest religious population is Christian.

St, Mary’s Cathedral


Glanz’s parents are Buddhist but she and her sister are Christian. I asked her if her parents say anything about it. She said it’s something you decide so no problem.


She said ” Wait a minute.” then got down on her knees and started to pray for something.


After ten minutes walk from the cathedral, we arrived at the old city hall, where Aung San, Aung San Suu Kyi’s father, was assassinated in 1947 when it was the colonial period.


After the incident, It’s been abandoned for years but the renovation has been undertaken to save the colonial heritage. They have renovation tour to the public but it was closed on Sunday when I visited.

日曜日以外は見学できます。Renovation tour everyday except for Sunday.


This historical building is sure to be one of the valuable architectures. I just couldn’t imagine that assassination really happened here. Now it’s quiet and it’s stunningly beautiful. However, the building had been ignored and abandoned for years.


We took a ferry to the other side of the river.

ヤンゴン川 Yangon River


Just wen to the other side without getting off.



We had late lunch and called it off. I’m going back to Bangkok tomorrow morning so I will just relax at the hostel for the rest of the day.