[Thailand] Vaccination at Snake Farm. [タイ]スネークファームでの予防接種。



理由は、1. なんと言っても安いから。(日本の約三分の一!) 2. 世界中から来る旅行者の扱いに慣れている。3. 滞在中に観光もできる。

場所は、国立毒蛇・感染症研究所(Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute)という所で、スネークファームとも言われています。

I needed to get all vaccination for the world travel. And I got them all in Bangkok. Why? 1, Because it was so much cheaper! Almost one third of the price than it cost in Japan! 2. The travel clinic on Bangkok is used to accept foreign travelers. 3. I can get to visit places in Thailand while staying.

It was actually an institute “Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute”, also called snake farm as it is a research institute where they are using venomous snakes.

池の中央に赤十字が見えます。You see red cross in the center of the pond.

入口。右横にインフォメーションがあります。Entrance. Information desk on the right.


Here are the vaccination I received. Fee is all in Thai Baht.

  1. 4種混合(破傷風・百日咳・ジフテリア・ポリオ)(700)DPP4
  2. 狂犬病(350×3回) Rabies
  3. A+B型肝炎(1,150)*あと2回接種必要 Hepatitis A+B (Twinrix)
  4. 黄熱病(1,200) Yellow Fever
  5. 腸チフス(400)Typhoid
  6. 初診料 30  First consultation fee
  7. 診察料 50×3回 Consultantion fee
  8. 肝炎ワクチン前の血液検査 150 Blood test


Hepatitis A+B, I need to get two more shots. (2nd time after one month. 3rd time after 6 months) I’m going to get the 2nd shot in Nepal. They kindly gave me the information of the hospital I can go in Kathmandu.


DPP4 is a basic because I’ sure I will stumble and it’s possible I get infected from the cut. I was happy that DPP4 includes pertussis which I have gotten few years ago and I was wishing that the vaccination was possible for adults in Japan. The doctor then said it’s only for children in Japan even though it’s getting popular among adults. Rabies, I need it because I likely touch street cats because I love cats. I love animals. Typhoid is for India. Yellow fever is required for visa to enter Brasil or Bolivia so it is a must.

処方箋をもらったら、薬局に行き料金を現金で支払い、ワクチンを受け取ります。After you get a prescription, you go to pharmacy and pay in cash, then receive vaccinations.


Then you go to operation room and get shots from a nurse. It was nice that she sometimes smile and warn me saying “it’s going to be a bit painful.”

注射が終わると、15分リラックスしてから帰ってくださいと言われました。その間に、もらった注意事項などが書かれた説明書を読みます。 After the shots, I was told to relax for 15 minutes before I leave so I went through the information they gave me.


The nurses, doctor, pharmacists, they all speak to you in basic English that made everything very easy! All rooms have numbers on the doors so you just go to the room you’re told to go. The facility was very clean. I went three times in total and not even once I had to wait. They all seemed to be relaxed and very helpful the whole time.I kind of understand how people fall in love with nurses when they’re sick and worried. What was it called? Roller coaster effect?


After all is done, they gave a yellow card. The white one is the schedule for the second and third visit.


Buddy was with me for the first visit but the second time, I took a local bus for the first time in Bangkok. Bus fare varies depending on if it’s with AC or the distance. It was less than 6 km from the hostel and the bus had AC. It was 12 baht (40yen) . I also took one without AC and it was 6.5 baht! (23yen!) So cheap! Other than a driver, there is a person who collects money and let you know the name of the bus stop. They will always let you know when your bus stop is approaching. I like the system having someone on the bus because you don’t want to interrupt the driver asking directions. However, I heard that it has been decided that they will introduce electric money soon. It’s a bit sad personally but I feel lucky to get to experience it now.