[インド]一日目。ハローヒマラヤ?カトマンズからデリーへ。[India] Hello Himalaya? Kathmandu to Delhi.







Guess what I saw!! I saw the Himalayas! It was so amazing. Magnificent that made me speechless. I didn’t even want to take a breath. Felt like I would have lost the moment if I did. All I could do was just keep my eyes open.  And of course take many pictures.

The reason why I finally got to see the himalayas is….

Anyways, first I took off Kathmandu Airport.

カトマンズ上空。Over Kathmandu.


バイバイ、ネパール。グットゥ ミーチュー。

Is it because of the weather or the pollution? It was hazy.

Good bye Nepal. It was nice to meet you.



Then, shortly after the take off. What? Is that? Yes! Must be!

ぎゃー、そうだー!ヒマラヤだー! YES, YES! HIMALAYAS!

ヒマラヤ山脈ー! HIMALAYAS!




No. I didn’t shout like that at all.

In fact, I was speechless. Couldn’t breath. Beautiful Himalayas. Words just can’t describe… (Put aside my limited vocabulary. Thanks.)

During my one and half hour flight, I was with this amazing view. The whole time.




When I was searching about the flights to Delhi, I found this information in someones blog mentioning that you can have Himalaya’s amazing view if you take the flight from Kathmandu to Delhi. So I reserved the window seat on the right side near the front so the view can’t be blocked by the wing. Just as the blogger said.

Still I was not expecting this clear view. It is totally worth to pay additional fee (Only about 1000 yen.). I’m proud that I made the right decision. (Er, wasn’t it the info from the blogger?)

And here I am at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Already! 

デリー上空 Delhi.


I observed the city of Delhi. The city seems very organized. Wow, the streets seem to follow a grid pattern. Delhi is indeed a metropolitan! That means they have good infrastructure, right? And that means they have hot shower, right? I just couldn’t help feeling these small expectations coming out from my head.

空港トイレの入り口。これ好き。Love this. The toilet entrance at the airport.


Starting from April 2017, as a Japanese, you can get a visa on arrival if you fly into India. Even in-advance application online is not required. Quite a special treatment. I think that this is because that India recently bought the Shinakansen (bullet train) infrastructure system from Japan which made the diplomatic relations between the countries more important. If that’s the reason, then I guess I should thank Abe-san (Prime minister)? Thank you Abe-san. Thank you India.

ウェルカムトゥインディア! Welcome to India!


I straight walked towards the counter. I glanced at the long queue with many foreigners as I was passing by them.

って無人。。 Nobody..




I found an airport employee and told I wanted to apply for the visa. He told me to wait for the person in charge to come. I waited for 30 minutes. There were two other Japanese business men in suits.

The old man (the passport control officer)  came and said hello to me with smile. I said hello with smile too. Then he asked me if I had a pen that he can borrow. (in my head: Why on the earth you don’t even have a pen to do your job?)  I handed him my pen with a nice smile. You know it’s clever to be nice to him until you get a visa. Later I noticed that he didn’t return the pen! It’s just a pen but I liked that pen with a little sumo wrestler on the top. WelI, okay. I donate it to him. I’m sure that my little pen is doing great job at the airport now.

The application fee for visa is 200 rupees. I wanted to pay with my credit card as I didn’t have the rupee currency yet. But the card reader didn’t work for some reason so I paid with Japanese yen. I paid 4000 yen and got 270 rupees change back.

2か月有効のビザゲット。2か月もいないと思うけどね。The visa valid for two months. Well, I don’t think I would stay that long though.



And Amit was there at the arrival gate waiting for me! Thank you!

We took an airport express to the New Delhi station and then changed to the metro yellow line to Saket station where the hostel is.

初オートリキシャー(トゥクトゥク)。First auto rikshaw. (Tuktuk).






He came with me all the way to the hostel for me to check in smoothly. The whole way from the airport to the hostel, he also kindly showed me his talking skills. (He actually said that’s what he is good ast. Lol. ) How nice he is!

The hostel staffs were very friendly and welcomed me with smiles. So relieved.

After check-in, we went to the shopping mall nearby by auto rikshaw to grab a lunch at the food court there. The big nice modern mall made me happy. We had wrap sandwiches and lassi at Amit’s favorite place.




I have had this stomach pain for a couple of days now. It’s nothing serious like food poison but this dull pain is continuing. I also have kind of diarrhea.

Please make me feel better soon. I’m going to take it easy and rest now.

Good night.